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Sean nos dancing is a percussive style of dance that is thought of as the "old style" of Irish step dancing.  It is related historically and stylisticly to clogging, flatfooting, Canadian step dancing,  English clog dancing, and tap dancing.

More information coming soon! In the meantime, check out these videos for a sampling of sean nos dancing.

"Clare Basic with Jump" step

Beginner Combinations 1

Upcoming Class Schedule, Winter/Spring 2020

Jan 18th - class
Jan 25th - class
Feb 1st - class
NO CLASS  on Feb 8th
Feb 15th - class
NO CLASS on Feb 22nd
Feb 29th - class
March 1st - class
NO CLASS on March 7th
March 14th - class
NO CLASS on March 21st
March 28th - class
April 4th - class
April 11th - class
NO CLASS on April 18th
April 25th - class

The Celtic Junction Arts Center, 836 Prior Ave. N, St. Paul, MN

"Clare Basic, Tidy" step

"Crossover with Heels" step

"Clare Dance at Home, Three Trebles" step

"Clare Dance at Home, End Treble" step

"Heels, Front First" step

"Clare Dance at Home, Simple" step

"Clare Basic, Tidy, with Heel Click" step

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